‎Welcome to Music China 2020‎

‎Pearl River Piano Welcomes Music Lovers to Music China 2020‎

‎Music China is the most comprehensive event of the music industry in Asia.‎ ‎The Pearl River Piano Group is proud to present the largest exhibition of acoustic pianos of all time.‎ ‎Highlights of the exhibition include the Celestial Harmony Spacewalk, the first grand piano made with 3D printing technology, unique exotic veneers from Kayserburg, a “Sound of Spring” model of the Art Case Edition, and a unique original piano by Ritmüller from 1899.‎

‎Due to current travel restrictions, Pearl River Piano is proud to present online a series of videos about the 2020 exhibition ranging from day one and from the first set-up to the following days.‎ ‎these ‎Videos‎ show the latest innovations of the Pearl River Piano Group and other exciting news.‎ ‎They are complemented by a comprehensive press release with details and pictures of all innovations.‎