‎Brazilian virtuoso Caio Pagano China makes his debut in Guangzhou.‎

‎On July 21, 2019, a packed audience eagerly awaited the state-of-the-art, brand new Kayserburg Concert Hall, which is part of the 12 billion (RMB) facilities at the headquarters of Guangzhou Pear River Piano Group Co. In attendance were corporate leaders from the piano industry, China Literati and yes… many families with small children! All of them stuck to their seats over Pagano’s transcendental vibrations of the first order.‎

‎Present were Mr. Xiao Wei, Vice President of Pearl River Piano Group, and also the General Manager of Pearl River Kayserburg Piano Co.,Ltd., Mr. Liu Chun Qing, General Manager of Pearl River Amason Digital Musical Instrument Co. Ltd., and Mr. Leng Tshua, Director of Global Sales and Marketing at Pearl River Piano Group. This event is a prestigious first piano concert jointly organized by the Pearl River Piano Group and Brazilian Master Concert Artist Dr. Caio Pagano, who is also the piano teacher of Mr. Leng Tshua, Director of Global Sales and Marketing at Pearl River Piano Group. Mr. Leng Tshua met Dr. Caio Pagano‎
‎when he was invited on a full scholarship to study piano at the College of Fine Art at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona USA. Mr. Leng Tshua was a student of Dr. Caio Pagano at the music school.‎

‎Dr. Caio Pagano is an internationally renowned concert pianist, educator and scholar. He has been a distinguished professor of piano at Arizona State University since 1986 and has earned the honor of Regent Professor of Piano at that institution. He has received numerous awards for piano performances in Europe and in his home country of Brazil. Pagano has performed on four continents in more than 600 public appearances as a recital soloist, chamber musician and soloist with orchestras. He‎
‎has premiered 24 works in concert halls worldwide, 16 of which were works written and dedicated to him by the composers, including several concertos for piano and orchestra. He has also recorded several of these works. Pagano was the first pianist to performed Schoenberg’s complete works in several capitals of the world.‎

‎Notable world premieres included the performance of Pousseur’s Apostrophes, along with Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations in Washington D.C. and New York City, which received the following reviews: “The pousseur was transcendent, and Beethoven was absolutely top-notch, at once idiomatic and original” (The New York Times). “I started noting comments after each variation, but I gave that up when I realized that I was presented with a conception that was a glowing unity” (Washington Post). Pagano, who is regularly reported on the radio, including recent highlights at National Public Radio USA, has performed regularly at the BBC in London, the Norddeutscher Rundfunk in Germany, the Voice of America in Washington D.C., Radio Hilversum in Holland, the Radio de la Suisse Romande in Switzerland and the National Broadcasting in Portugal to name a few.‎

‎As a professor at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, Caio Pagano created the International Music Biennale in the 70s, which attracted many internationally recognized artists who collaborated with him (including Saschko Gawriloff, Cristof Caskel, Raphael Hillyer, Werner Taube, Henry Schuman). He has also toured with Pierre Fournier, Janos Starker, Thomas Friedli, Szymon Goldberg, Albor Rosenfeld, the St.Petersburg Quartet, Maria João Pires, Gerard Caussé and the Jacques Thibaud Trio. Caio has been an artist at the Miami New World Festival, the Washington Interamerican Fest, the Grenoble Festival, the Megève Festival, the Montpellier Festival, and many others.‎

‎In partnership with Maria João Pires, Pagano founded the Center for Art Studies in Portugal (www.belgais.net). He recorded “Sounds of Belgais” with her for DGG.‎

‎The labels Summit, Soundset, Deutsche Grammophon and Glissando released his acclaimed recordings. One of his most notable recordings, “Music for Children” by Heitor Villa-Lobos, received rave reviews, including “CD of the Month” from BBC Music Magazine and other great reviews for Gramophone (UK), CD Compact (Spain) and Fanfare (USA).‎

‎Caio Pagano combines a profound knowledge of the arts, literature and music, which characterizes his interpretations as authoritative and unique. His transcendent technique is accompanied by exuberant lyricism, intellect and a sophisticated sense of style. Washington Post reviewer Joseph McLellan perhaps summed it up best: “Pagano is such an outstanding performer that every opportunity to hear him should be taken.”‎

‎We are so honored today to have the opportunity with Dr. Caio Pagano! As a leading musical instrument company and the world’s largest piano manufacturer, we are so proud to have invited Dr. Caio Pagano, the international superstar of the piano, to China, to the Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group to perform at the Kayserburg Concert Hall and share with all music fans in China.‎

‎When the concert began with great applause from the audience, Dr. Caio Pagano entered the stage and sat down in front of the fully occupied concert grand piano of the Kayserburg, starting with Bach Siloti Organ Prelude in G minor, followed by Schumann Arabesque op.18, then on to Debussy’s Arabesque, Claire de Lune, with a quick turn to the lively Villa Lobos-Na corda da viola, and finally returned to Johannes Brahms-Andante op.5 before halftime. Crystal clear tonal mastery, imbued with rich melodies, flowed through the fingers of the pianist Pagano, the lively rhythm, the unmistakable style and the excellent performance offered an audio-visual celebration of your life!‎

‎After a short break, the second half began with Chopin’s Nocturne op.9# 1 (Farewell Waltz), Polonaise op.40 #2 (Military), Largo op.58, ended with Liszt-ValseOubliée, Hungarian Rhapsody #11 that brought down the house; the audience exploded into standing ovations. Pagano’s performance brought the audience the unique live music experience of past eras; with fantastic samples of Pagano’s piano art that have never been heard in Guangzhou before.‎

‎Pagano played with melodic control and orchestral precision, he stunned the audience with the Kayserburg concert grand piano by bringing out enormous color contrasts and a wide range of tonality throughout the program. The concert was accompanied by storms of applause and culminated in two encores in front of the curtain.‎

‎After the concert, the audience refused to leave the concert for a long time. Crowds of people came into the hall to ask for autographs, and then lined up in a row to take pictures with the great master Caio Pagano.‎

‎After the autograph session, Mr. Xiao Wei, Vice President of Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group, and Mr. Leng Tshua, Director of Global Sales and Marketing of Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group, received Dr. Caio Pagano for a prestigious reception in the VIP room on the 5th floor of Pearl River Piano Group Cultural Center and jointly presented Dr. Caio Pagano with the Kayserburg Brand Ambassador Award.‎

‎In conclusion, Dr. Pagano wrote an inscription commemorating the occasion: “My deepest gratitude for this very special invitation; it was a pleasure to play on this warm Kayserburg that matched my intentions so well. I must also mention the special quality of the Kayserburgsaal, which reverberated and esoned so clearly. Thank you, dedicated team and staff of Pearl River for all the kindness that made my visit unforgettable.‎

‎Dr. Caio Pagano’s piano concert debut in China ended with a perfect conclusion. Next year in 2020, Dr. Caio Pagano will celebrate his 80th birthday with the Pearl River Piano Group; a world tour with the Kayserburg is already being planned, which will bring wonderful music into the world and build friendship between East and West… Stand by!‎